Our Company

Ford Physical Therapy, providing relief for patients with pain, injuries, headaches, and TMJ dysfunction in Tupelo and Northeast Mississippi opened February 1, 2018, under the ownership of Aaron Ford, Doctor of Physical Therapy. They recently moved to their new location in March 2021.

We are dedicated to effective, hands-on, one-on-one patient care augmented with prescribed exercises between visits. We recognize that your time is valuable and pain impacts your quality of life, so our approach to care is specifically designed to give you relief and recovery with notably faster results and fewer visits needed.
By seeing the same physical therapist each time without technicians or aides, we are aware of all the subtle changes in your condition and can respond quickly and effectively to ensure your physical therapy is customized to each phase of your recovery.

We are also distinguished by our straightforward approach. After a thorough evaluation during your first visit, we will tell you honestly if we believe physical therapy will help you. If we do not believe we can make a difference for you, we will advise you to return to your doctor.

Our clinic is located at 3418 West Main Street, Suite B, Tupelo, MS, we are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or after hours by appointment.

We offer manual therapy, prescribed exercises, dry needling, post-operative rehabilitation, therapy for sports injuries and workplace injuries.

Dr. Ford and staff have a distinguished reputation for the effectiveness of his treatment for pain-related diagnoses quickly and effectively.