New Patient Form

Download the New Patients Form and bring the form on your first visit.

Your First Visit

Your first visit to Ford Physical Therapy, providing relief for patients with TMJ, headaches, pain and injuries in Tupelo and Northeast Mississippi, will begin with a thorough evaluation of your injury or condition. “I need to answer four questions, and those four questions will be dealt with at the first meeting, without exception,” says Aaron Ford, Doctor of Physical Therapy and clinic owner. He said people come to see him because they have pain, but before he can treat pain effectively, he has to determine the answer to the first question: “Where does the pain come from?” “For example, you could have a shoulder pain, but I have to determine if the pain is actually coming from your shoulder, or if the root of that pain is actually in your neck,” he explains.

Question two is: Is physical therapy going to be beneficial for you?

“I need to know whether the patient will be able to leave in better shape than when they came in,” he said.

Question three is “What do we need to do to get you better?”

Ford says he has to figure out which of the many treatment options he can provide will work best for you.

Question four is “How quickly can we get you out of our clinic and back to your normal life?”

“People come in and they always want the answer to Question 4 right away, but you can’t answer that until you find the answers to Questions 1, 2 and 3,” he explained.

At your first visit, you will receive your first physical therapy treatment if he determines it will be beneficial, so please wear comfortable clothing.

Bring with you any notes from your doctor as well as a list of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications you take regularly.

You will receive a series of prescribed exercises to do between your visits to the clinic so you can be a partner in your own recovery process.


Ford Physical Therapy accepts all major insurance providers including Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, and Tri-Care.

We also have a self-pay option.


Ford Physical Therapy is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and after hours by appointment.

To book an appointment, phone 662-554-9699.